Munni is a Film about Human Trafficking and Child Marriage. Mr.and Ms Kattel played the lead Role in this Short Movie. Ms Kattel  has been seen as a positive Character and Mr. Kattel on the other hand as a Negative one. This Movie Creates Awareness among people regarding early Marriage and Trafficking of men and Women. The film is based on Maithili Background. A fifteen year old, Munni is told to runaway with a person approximately 7-8 years older than her by her father after the Child Club warns Him of child Marriage. The Traffickers promises marriage to Munni and she unknowingly agrees to go with them and later on she is told that she is going to be sold to some brothel or for slavery by a waiter of a local hotel by then she manages to escape half way through india with the help of the waiter. she then joins school after her comeback. The broker gets jailed while caught marrying a girl deceiving her in the name of land and property later on and munni has been seen as the informant. Human Trafficking in Nepal has been a severe problem. Mostly, Men and Women of the underprivileged communities and targeted. DSF tried to spread awareness among people regarding human trafficking through a short movie. Munni was released on social media platforms on 2016 and it has gained popularity by the date.